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Spur Name Tapes is a provider of embroidered name tapes, plastic name plates, dog tags and military insignia.  We offer low pricing, high quality products and prompt shipping.  Our large, modern embroidery department is ready for emergency situations and we can ship your order quickly with most orders shipping in one to two days.  Our experience spans many decades and we want to be your name tape provider!


  "We offer high quality name tapes at a reasonable price and in a timely manner!"  



February 2018

What's New?


  • Added the California Military Institute tapes @ CMI

  • Texas State Guard ACU Unit Patches back in stock. 

  • 10th Mountain ACU Patches back in stock.10th Mountain ACU Patches

  • Added OCP SSI Patches:  104th Inf Div, 108th ADA, 130th FA BDE & 310th Sustainment

  • MEMS badges are a trademarked item and are no longer available, sorry.

  • Nylon tapes in Coyote Brown, Tan 499, Khaki, Foliage Green and Black will available this month.

  • Multicam Black will be available this month.

  • NAVY NWU I, II and III Tapes

  • In stock 9-11 WTC Fallen Brothers

  • Kryptek(r) Name Tapes

Kryptek(r) Highlander available with Velcro or Sew-on, black or brown thread.

Kryptek(r) Mandrake available with Velcro or Sew-on, black or brown thread.

Kryptek(r) Typhon available with Velcro or Sew-on, gold, gray or white thread.

  • New Army SSI OCP Patches, adding daily...

  • New Army OCP Page

  • New Army Arid Tapes


  • Updated 2016 Version and Colors:  USAFCENT OCP SSI Patches.



  • Added Previous Service Qualification Badges to the USAF section

  • Added SA Rank for OCP Multicam Ranks

  • Added Black nametapes with black lettering and Velcro(r) backing for USMA backpacks.

Black on Black Nametape w/ Velcro(r) for USMA

  • We are aware that some AF networked computers are having problems ordering. We are working on that now.  If you have problems, please send us an e-mail of your order and a contact number and we will be in contact and get your order placed.  Sorry for the inconvenience and problems.

  • Added Infrared Nametapes. IR TAPES in 5 inch length or IR TAPES in 4 inch length.

Infrared Nametapes with Black Lettering for  U.S. ARMY

Infrared Nametapes with Spice Brown Lettering for USAF

Infrared Nametapes with OD 1957 Thread for USMC

This item is for US Personnel ONLY.

  • Added American Cadet Alliance.  Army Cadets

  • Multicam ISAF patches for the Air Force with black border.

ISAF Patch w/ Black Border

  • NWU Tapes with Velcro(r) are now available...

  • A-Tacs FG (Foliage Green) is now available...

Compared to normal A-Tacs:

  • MultiCam tapes and more...


  • MultiCam Calico Jack flags with Velcro(R)

 MultiCam Calico Jack Flag

  • Various Color Plastic Name Plates

  • Basofil(R) Flame Resistant Tapes

  • Thread color options for MultiCam ranks.

  • ARMY UCP ACU Price Slashing Specials... Large and Small Packages.


     10 Piece Package   



      4 Piece Package



  • Color Name Tapes with Velcro with Large selection of colors...




Secured Online Ordering! is here!  Order online using a SSL secured server with one of the four major credit cards (sorry no COD's).  All information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.  After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail back.  While placing an order, your order is processed when you hit the "Process Order" button and the next screen you see will be the "Thank You!" screen.  

Government Credit Cards Accepted!  Click for policy page.

 Security Update:   What to Look for in the Mail


Make Ordering Large Groups that much Easier!

Use the  GROUP ORDER E-mail Page for quick group ordering.

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Leather Flight Badges

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